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Dust Control Technology & Conveyor Belt Cleaners Material Handling Equipment & Dust Control Misting Systems. Based in Southern California, The ACT Group provides water-based environmental dust control solutions to environmental problems caused by bulk material handling.

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Devising an Effective and Affordable Dust Control Strategy Using Water Sprays ... • Dust Control Kits – (Including spray headers) for low, medium & high ... and spray angle are critical. If the material is moving, as on a conveyor, drop size and drop velocity are the …

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About us. WELCOME TO AKJ INDUSTRIES, INC. AKJ Industries, Inc. was founded in 1981 and is a privately held Indiana corporation. AKJ serves customers and clients from our three divisions: Steel ...

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The ACT Group comprises three distinct companies: Applied Conveyor Technology Inc., ACT Dust Control, and Dustco Inc. ... Often contracts and applications require the disciplines of all three companies and specialties to offer a complete and viable solution.

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Conveyor cover systems consist of galvanized steel hoops with an assortment of different types of covers, depending on the application. The system is simple, and quick to fit. The material being carried is protected against the wind and weather.

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Conveyor Transfer Points & Conveyor Belts. The placement of the dry fog nozzles is the most important aspect to achieving effective dust suppression and ensuring no wetting of material, the dry fog spray should be generated and contained in well designed shrouding, for example a conveyor chute, this eliminated dissipation due to wind and also ensures treatment time necessary to suppress and

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Screening and Conveyor Solutions ® Dust Control EN. Scr onvey olutions 3 Take the dust and noise out of materials handling We supply off the shelf standardized solu-tions for dust control of screens, feeders, chutes and other equipment that handles dust. The elasticity of rubber enables

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Facts Concerning Dust and Air By: Daniel Marshall (Martin Engineering) ... The Dust Control Handbook states that air is created at a rate equal to the amount of air induced. Induced air is the quantification of all the air that the material stream pulls into ... Conveyor …

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From Total Dust Management Technologies to Greenfield Projects and Structural Changes, Benetech provides complete material handling solutions. Whether you are beginning a large capital project from scratch or you are looking for a better belt cleaner, Benetech believes every aspect of the material handling process is equally important.

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Dust Control Technology is a pioneer in dust and odor control solutions for coal handling, mining, recycling/scrap, construction, demolition, and rock/aggregate processing. The company's DustBoss Ò product line helps reduce labor costs vs. manual sprays, …

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Conveyor and Transfer Point Dust Control; Nozzle Questions? We have answers. With over 65 years experience and 1,000,000+ nozzles shipped, you can trust us with your spray application. Call or contact us today to learn how partnering with BETE can make your project a success.

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About Us Dust Specialties is a Division of Conveyor Specialties . Since our beginning in 1995, Conveyor Specialties Inc. has searching for a method to control dust that would be complimentary to the standards set by our conveyor belt product line and services.

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Conveyor Specialties Inc. ultrasonic nozzles produce a dry fogging spray pattern, ideal for suppressing dust without wetting product material or machinery. Our systems are fully installed and integrated into all processes and suppress dust without the need for expensive extraction systems or chemical agents.

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Contact The ACT Group for all your Environmental Control Systems, dust suppression systems, fabrication and construction questions that your may have.

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Dust Seals & Spillage Control. Spillage, surge loading and airborne dust at conveyor transfer/feed points cause a number of costly environmental and safety problems.

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Conveyor Specialties, Inc. is the answer to your service and product problems. We have extensive bulk conveyor handling experience that can ease your maintenance issues. Our customers are some of the largest coal handling facilities in the world. Unlike most other companies in our industry, we have the ability to design, fabricate, install and ...

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Inclined conveyors are common in open stockpiling. To prevent dusting a loading Spout is used to control the material discharged from the conveyor and build the open pile. Critical to design in this application is the weight of the loading spout on the end of the conveyor.

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As specialists in dust suppression and control, Sealpump can solve all your Conveyor Transfer Chute dust problems. The placement of the dry fog nozzles is the most important aspect to achieving effective dust suppression and ensuring no wetting of material, the dry fog spray should be generated and contained in well designed shrouding, for example a conveyor chute, this eliminates dissipation ...


Dust control and asset protection relate to conveyor safety and should be considered when designing conveyor systems. Refer to the article titled " Biomass Plant Fire and Dust Explosion Control", included elsewhere on this website.

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CDG is a full service, multi-disciplinary engineering firm with a strong background in dust collection fundamentals. We specialize in the evaluation and retrofit of dust mitigation, dust control and dust suppression projects across a variety of industries, including mining, public utilities and manufacturing.

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Sealpump's dust control systems suppress the dust without over wetting, suppressing the airborne dust with the majority falling back onto the conveyor belt. For more information, visit our Dust Control for Conveyor Transfer Chutes page.

Dust Control, Inc.

Dust Control, Inc.

Pneumatic Dust Control in Grain Elevators: Guidelines for ...

Suggested Citation:"Dust Control in Problem Areas."National Research Council. 1982. Pneumatic Dust Control in Grain Elevators: Guidelines for Design Operation and Maintenance.


pico dust control products are used on: A. Conveyors, transfer points, crushers, rail car, barge, hopper loading and unloading areas. • Apply at critical points to capture and penetrate dust particles to improve visibility, and reduce respirable dust and fugitive dusting.


Conveyor transfers into the tripper room area will usually have dust collection hoods, and may also use secondary dust control systems such as fog spray systems. See Figure 2.

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The belt conveyor is one of the major pieces of equipment for transferrring bulk material in mining operations. However, considerable amount of respirable dust may be generated whenever the bulk material is loaded, dumped, or transferred. This report identifies and evaluates various dust control ...

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Feb 22, 2013· M3T and Dust Suppression at a Crusher Plant marine3technologies … 0:49 Conveyor Specialties UltraSonic Fogging Systems by ConveyorSpecialties 2,498 views; » More detailed dust suppression system coal handling plant

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Conveyor Dust Control Curtains Back. Reduce Dust With Our Dust Control Curtains ASGCO's Dust Curtains help in the reduction of dust throughout the conveyor transfer point. Features and Benefits. Allows Dust to Settle – by slowing the air velocity down and

Enclosed Conveyor Belt Leads To Dust Explosions

Enclosed Conveyor Belts Lead To Dust Explosions. May 17, 2016. How do you solve the problem of material on a conveyor belt producing dust as it is being transferred, and fugitive dust getting into machinery and causing quality control issues? The obvious answer is to enclose the conveyor belt, which would contain the produced dust in an area ...

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Mar 01, 2015· Martin® Dust Filtration Solutions control airborne dust by removing solid particles from the air stream and returning them to the main material body.

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Mining and mineral processing operations generate dust when ore is loaded, dumped, crushed, screened or transferred by conveyor belt. Road traffic and wind blowing on stockpiles, tailings dams, railcars or hauling trucks can also create dust.

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conveyor transfer point dust suppression system has two options: paddle valve (A) or belt driven valve (B). Both are designed to operate only when there is ... Corrective dust control – sometimes called symptomatic dust control – is generally a tougher proposition.